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September 1956

RETROPHARYNGEAL ABSCESS: Presentation of a New Syndrome in an Unusual Case

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1956;92(3):308-311. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1956.02060030302009

THE RETROPHARYNGEAL space is subject to bacterial invasion from the nasopharynx and from the cervical vertebrae, each mode of invasion giving its own characteristic clinical picture. Since the advent of chemotherapy, abscesses of the retropharyngeal space have become rare, but in recent case reports * the clinical picture is the same as described in the last century.†

As pyogenic organisms acquire resistance to therapeutic agents, the several complications of nasopharyngitis once controlled are reoccurring. Such diseases as mastoiditis and peritonsillar as well as retropharyngeal abscess are seen with increasing frequency and often present new or unusual signs and symptoms.

The case reported herein presents a new syndrome associated with retropharyngeal abscess.

Report Of a Case  A 5-year-old girl of Mediterranean origin was first seen on March 26, 1954, with a chief complaint of a stiff neck of one month's duration.The present illness began on Feb. 25, 1954, when she was