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July 1957

Fatal Accidental Poisoning by Aminophylline in a Child

Author Affiliations

Christiana, Pa.; Coatesville, Pa.
From the Pediatric Service, Coatesville Hospital.

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1957;94(1):80-82. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1957.04030020082014

Fatal poisoning from ingestion of aminophylline or other xanthines is uncommon. Large doses are apparently required to produce death. The fatal dose of caffeine in man is estimated to be about 10 gm.,1 while the LD50 for aminophylline in mice has been variously reported at 265 mg. per kilogram 2 to 540 mg. per kilogram of body Weight.3

Previous to this year 10 cases of aminophylline toxicity in children, all of whom recovered, had been reported.4,5 This year 10 additional cases were reported by one observer, 4 of whom died.6 A fatality has been reported in a child from accidental consumption of an antiasthmatic preparation containing racephedrine (Ephedrine) hydrochloride, theophylline, and phenobarbital, in which it was thought that the theophylline acted as a potentiator for the racephedrine.2 Intravenous injection of therapeutic amounts of aminophylline has been followed by sudden death, but the mechanism here

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