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December 1958

Renal Tubular and Pancreatic Islet Necrosis in Newly Born Infants

Author Affiliations

The Department of Pathology, Children's Hospital of Michigan.

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1958;96(6):705-710. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1958.02060060707009

Necrosis of the renal tubular epithelium is uncommonly encountered in newly born infants. In cases of symmetrical cortical necrosis, all elements are destroyed in areas of ischemic necrosis,1,2 but selective tubular necrosis is limited to a few conditions. Lower nephron nephrosis or acute tubular necrosis, as we know it in adults and older children,3 is rarely encountered during the first month of life, and in this laboratory we have seen it only once during the first week of life.

Necrobiosis of individual tubular epithelial cells may be found in infections with the virus of cytomegalic inclusion disease or herpes simplex, and the involvement is patchy. Atrophy and severe degeneration of the tubules may accompany hypoplasia with cyst formation, nephrotic syndrome,4,5 and interstitial or chronic nephritis6,7 in newborn infants, but frank necrosis of the tubular epithelium has not been described except in suppurative nephritides.

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