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June 1959

Poliomyelitis Under One Year of Age: Clinical and Laboratory Findings in a Group of 529 Patients with Poliomyelitis Younger than One Year of Age

Author Affiliations

Denver; Haifa, Israel
Pediatric Department B, Rambam Government Hospital, Haifa.; Walter P. Harris Fellow in Clinical Research, National Jewish Hospital at Denver (Dr. Levy). Head of Pediatric Department B, Rambam Government Hospital (Dr. Falk).

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1959;97(6):829-838. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1959.02070010831009

The number of reports in the world medical literature on the clinical and laboratory findings in poliomyelitis have been accumulating rapidly ever since the description of the disease nearly a century ago. However the number of such reports dealing exclusively with infants is relatively small, and most reports deal with rather small numbers of cases.

The authors believe that the present report should be of interest, dealing, as it does, with 529 cases of poliomyelitis in infants under one year of age, treated at Rambam Government Hospital and observed by the same persons.

Material and Methods  The 529 cases of poliomyelitis which serve as the basis of the present report were treated in the Pediatric Department B of this hospital from the end of 1949, when an epidemic outbreak of poliomyelitis in Israel first became apparent, to the end of 1956.During this period 1,527 cases of poliomyelitis in all

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