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December 1959

An Exchange Transfusion Formula

Author Affiliations

Palo Alto, Calif.; Sunnyvale, Calif.

AMA Am J Dis Child. 1959;98(6):694-698. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1959.02070020696004

Introduction  The purpose of this paper is to present a simple formula permitting rapid calculation of the following data essential to the performance of an exchange transfusion for an infant, child, or adult: (a) the volume of donor blood needed; (b) the length of time required to perform the exchange transfusion; (c) the number of "unit exchanges" required; (d) the per cent exchange effected.The formula will be presented after a discussion of background material essential to its effective application. Four typical problems are then discussed, followed by a summary. Derivation of the formula and related subjects are given in an appendix.

The Exchange Transfusion  Since 1946 the exchange transfusion has become the accepted method in treatment of erythroblastosis fetalis.1-3 Since 1950 exchange transfusions have been used to treat blood transfusion reactions4 and poisoning when conventional methods have failed. Poisoning by the following substances has been treated successfully