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October 1962


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Director of Medical Education Memorial Hospital of Long Beach Long Beach, Calif.

Am J Dis Child. 1962;104(4):429. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1962.02080030431016

To the Editor: Either my Dorland1 is dysphasic, or your characterizing as "adelphogenic" the instance of intestinal obstruction recently described in your journal (103:625 [April] 1962) is an act of neologopoietic nescience.

In the first instance, if it was your intention to apply your neologism to the sister of the patient under discussion, then how does "adelpho" get into the act? Page 33 of our Reference 1 indicates that "adelphos" is of Greek origin and means "brother."

In the second instance, by appending the suffix "-genic," you have generated a monster, and created something that literally means "producing a brother." Reference 1 again, this time on Page 552, lists "-gen (Gr. gennan to produce) word termination denoting an agent productive of the object or state indicated by the word stem to which it is affixed."... Similarly, "-genic word termination meaning producing or productive of."

Perhaps comparison with the words

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