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July 1964


Am J Dis Child. 1964;108(1):109-110. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1964.02090010111018

To The Editor: Dr. Mofenson's comments that salicyamide should not be included in a general category with the other salicylates is well taken. There are several points he makes, however, which need further comment.

Regarding the toxicity of salicylamide the picture is cloudy. Gleason et al state it is less toxic than the other salicylates.1 Done, in reviewing five animal studies, notes there were marked species differences and no agreement as to whether salicylamide is more or less toxic than aspirin. For example, one author Done reviewed stated salicylamide was only 83% as toxic as aspirin in rats, but was 64% more toxic in the mouse. Another worker reported just the reverse, ie, salicylamide was 46% more toxic in the rat and only 80% as toxic in the mouse. Done concludes, "it is apparent that marked species differences preclude making even an intelligent guess as to the comparative toxicities