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July 1966

Picture of the Month

Am J Dis Child. 1966;112(1):63-64. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1966.02090100099014

Denouement and Discussion 

MALE TURNER'S SYNDROME (Testicular Dysgenesis, Male Turner's Phenotype) 

MAJOR MANIFESTATIONS  The physical findings are very similar to those of gonadal dysgenesis or Turner's syndrome in the female. These children usually have short stature, webbing and/or shortening of the neck, low posterior hairline, high-arched palate, low-set and occasionally protruding ears, epicanthal folds, ptosis, cardiac abnormalities, shield-like chest with hypoplastic and/or inverted nipples, cubitus valgus, hypoplastic nails, lymphedema of the dorsum of the hands and feet (present at birth and may or may not disappear), shortened phalanges, curved little fingers, abnormal fingerprints, cryptorchidism, normal or small penis, small scrotum, decreased pubic and axillary hair, renal abnormalities, and an increased incidence of formation, spina bifida occulta, ocular abnormalities, and fused cervical vertebrae. Found more frequently in Male Turner's than in the female form are mental retardation, cardiac malformations, and ocular abnormalities.

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