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March 1967

Picture of the Month

Am J Dis Child. 1967;113(3):371-372. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1967.02090180131014

Denouement and Discussion 

Waardenburg's Syndrome 

Manifestations  In Waardenburg's syndrome, a form of partial albinism, the major manifestations involve the eyes, hair, and hearing. There is lateral displacement of the medial canthi of the eyes giving the impression of hypertelorism. However, interpupillary distance is normal but there is an increased distance from one medial canthus to the other. The bridge of the nose is broad and prominent. To some investigators, absence of lateral displacement disqualifies the patient for a diagnosis of Waardenburg's syndrome. Hypertrichosis and premature graying of the medial portion of the eyebrows are also found. A white or gray forelock is common. Heterochromia of the iris of one or both eyes is also frequently noted. Congenital nerve deafness is present in about one third of the cases. Other less frequent findings include areas of depigmentation or increased pigmentation of the skin, abnormal pigmentation of the fundi, premature graying of

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