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May 1974

Ultimate Height in Chromosomal Gonadal Dysgenesis Without Androgen Therapy

Am J Dis Child. 1974;127(5):673-674. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1974.02110240059006

Suggested improvement in ultimate height in girls with chromosomal gonadal dysgenesis after treatment with androgenic anabolic steroids has, in the past, been reported by comparison to a standard of 140 cm (55.2 in) from a group of patients of mixed karyotypes without androgen treatment. In our series of 18 patients with gonadal dysgenesis of known karyotype, 15 patients had received estrogens, none received an anabolic agent. The mean final height was 144 cm (56.7 in), with a range of 133 to 161 cm (52.4 to 63.4 in). Patients with mosaicism were significantly taller than the 45,X group. The variation in ultimate height according to karyotype suggests the need for reevaluation of the effectiveness of androgenic anabolic agents in gonadal dysgenesis before recommending their routine use.