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November 1974

Advances in Commercial Insulin Preparations

Am J Dis Child. 1974;128(5):631-633. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1974.02110300041006

The recent introduction of 100 unit/milliliter (U-100) concentrations of insulin and long-bore, disposable, U-100 syringes has been readily accepted by pediatric diabetologists. Accuracy of measurement is high, even at low doses, and can be aided, if necessary, by the use of the tuberculin syringe. All presently manufactured insulin is highly purified compared to previous preparations and is associated with local and distal clearing of the atrophy when injected directly into atrophic areas. Regular insulin has been changed from an acidic to a neutral pH, increasing the flexibility with which it can be used in mixtures with modified insulins. Insulin vials in current use by the patient need not be refrigerated.