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February 1986

Participation of Athletes With One Testicle-Reply

Author Affiliations

Department of Pediatrics Medical College of Georgia Augusta, GA 30912

Am J Dis Child. 1986;140(2):90. doi:10.1001/archpedi.1986.02140160007006

In Reply.—We appreciate Dr Ushkow's concern about excluding otherwise healthy athletes from participating in contact sports simply because they have only one testicle. Kulund1 stated that some physicians will allow such youngsters to engage in contact sports on the assumption that injury to a testicle is rare if an athletic supporter and protective cup are worn. Kulund recommended that if an athlete with one testicle is allowed to participate, the athlete, his parents, and the school authorities should be informed of the risk to the remaining healthy testicle.

We take a similar approach when performing preparticipation examinations on our athletes. If an athlete is found to have only one testicle, whether due to surgical removal, maldescent, or atrophy, the athlete and the coach are advised of the risk of injury to the healthy testicle. The athlete and his parents then make their own decision about whether he should