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November 2013

Errors in 2 Tables

JAMA Pediatr. 2013;167(11):1083. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2013.4497

In the Original Investigation titled “The Economic Impact of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States” published online on September 16, 2013, in JAMA Pediatrics (doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2013.2376), errors occurred in 2 Tables. In Table 3 on page E4, the table footnote should have been cited at the end of the title instead of at the end of the first column’s fifth entry. In Table 5 on page E5, the title should have appeared as “Comparison of WTP and Total Reported Costs,” and the entries in the second row should have been given as “Total costs borne by families,” “20.5,” “3457,” “16.7-24.9,” and “2816-4208” for columns 1 through 5. In the next 3 rows, the items in the first column should have been indented to indicate that they are subcategories of row 2 and should have been given as “Out-of-pocket costs for treatment,b” “Lost labor productivity,” and “Opportunity costs.b,c” For “Lost labor productivity,” the 95% CI of the total annual costs (in billions of US dollars) should have been given as “0.53-1.00.” Rows 6 and 7 of the table should have been deleted, and the first-column entries for the last 2 rows of the table should have been given as “Total direct medical costs” and “Total reported costs.” For “Total direct medical costs,” the data in the last column should have appeared as “472-1063.” This article was corrected in print and online.