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March 2018

Error in Article Title

JAMA Pediatr. 2018;172(3):302. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2018.0202

The Original Investigation by Datar and Nicosia,1 “Assessing Social Contagion in Body Mass Index, Overweight, and Obesity Using a Natural Experiment,” was published online on January 22, 2018, in JAMA Pediatrics, under the erroneous title, “Association of Exposure to Communities With Higher Ratios of Obesity With Increased Body Mass Index and Risk of Overweight and Obesity Among Parents and Children.” The original title has been restored.

Datar  A, Nicosia  N.  Assessing social contagion in body mass index, overweight, and obesity using a natural experiment  [published online January 22, 2018].  JAMA Pediatr. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.4882Google Scholar