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October 2006

Comparative Effectiveness of Antipsychotic Drugs: A Commentary on Cost Utility of the Latest Antipsychotic Drugs in Schizophrenia Study (CUtLASS 1) and Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE)

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2006;63(10):1069-1072. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.63.10.1069

Despite schizophrenia's longstanding affliction of humankind,1 effective treatments for this debilitating disorder only became available in the middle of the 20th century.2 Numerous, now landmark, studies3-5 demonstrated incontrovertibly that chlorpromazine, the prototypic antipsychotic, was more effective than nonpharmacologic treatment (eg, placebo, psychotherapy) in alleviating the acute symptoms of schizophrenia and preventing their recurrence. Although many effective antipsychotics have been introduced in the wake of chlorpromazine, the pace of real progress through drug development and innovation has been arduous and slow.

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