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October 1960

Imaginary Sexual Partner: Visual Masturbatory Fantasies

Author Affiliations

Bristol, England
From the Bristol Mental Hospitals, Barrow Hospital.

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1960;3(4):429-449. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.1960.01710040099012

Masturbation  Before discussing the visual fantasies accompanying masturbation, a few words should be said about masturbation itself.In his monograph on autoerotism Stekel39 quite bluntly states: "Everybody masturbates. No exception to this is permissible, once we know that onanism may be unconscious." However, it should be mentioned that Stekel's definition of masturbation covers such activities as "Various mannerisms with the tongue, scratching of the skin, finger-boring the nose, and various tics." Fenichel12 regards the manifestations of this kind as "equivalents for genital masturbation," though, on the other hand, he states that "Infantile (nocturnal or diurnal) enuresis" is "a sexual discharge." (In his view, "Urinary excretion originally served as an autoerotic activity.")In spite of the apparent exaggeration of Stekel's statement, there seems to be little doubt that, at least in certain stages of life, masturbation is indeed almost a universal phenomenon. Thus Kinsey24,25

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