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April 1965

Perceptual-Cognitive Behavior And Autonomic Nervous System Patterns

Author Affiliations

Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Medical College of Georgia.

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1965;12(4):329-335. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.1965.01720340001001

Interest IN relationships between overt patterns of behavior and concomitant autonomic nervous system patterns served as the major impetus for this research. Within this general area, the present study focuses specifically upon the search for consistencies between autonomic nervous system patterns and behavior patterns within individuals. It is believed that discovery of such relationships eventually will add more systematic meaning to physiological and behavioral data.

The choice of the specific autonomic nervous system-behavioral relationships to be examined in this study evolved from two major lines of previous research. Lacey (1959) in a review of certain psychophysiological experiments offered a theoretical interpretation of the relationship between autonomic nervous system (ANS) functioning and the nature of the organism's interaction with the environment. The patterning of cardiac and galvanic skin response (GSR) activity plays the central role in Lacey's theoretical ideas. He states that "skin conductance increase

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