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July 1966

Drives, Affects, Behavior: vol 2.

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1966;15(1):107-110. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.1966.01730130109022

Volume 2 of Drives, Affects, Behavior was originally conceived as a "Festschrift" for Marie Bonaparte's 80th birthday similar to the first volume which was a tribute marking her 70th birthday in 1953, but due to her untimely death the current volume appears as a memorial instead. As Lewin says, the first volume "was a notable collection of essays, some of them lasting contributions." The same may be said of the present volume. The papers are of a highly technical caliber and reflect the advances made by some of the outstanding contemporaries in the field of psychoanalysis. There are 17 essays divided into four sections plus an introduction.

Max Schur, in his editor's introduction presents for the first time an exchange of correspondence between Freud and Marie Bonaparte. The letters document the preservation (despite his objections) of Freud's letters to Wilhelm Fliess. The last two letters include a whimsical, yet

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