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June 1978

The President's Commission: Realistic Remedies for Neglect: Pragmatic Next Steps—Not a Trip

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1978;35(6):675-676. doi:10.1001/archpsyc.1978.01770300017001

The President's Commission on Mental Health, predominantly composed of public-spirited laity, will have reported to the President on its ten months of testimony and deliberations at the end of April. Since that presentation occurs after this issue of the Archives has gone to press, commentary is based on the surmise of one who has carefully followed the process rather than on a close inspection of the final public document. It is, however, already clear that the climate of informed concern for the disparate problems of mental health has been constructively enhanced. The report does not launch an ill-contrived crusade. Rather the commission, while acknowledging succinct advances over the past 30 years, has focused on the underserved: on our chronic lag in bringing the mentally ill and disabled into undisputed full entitlement to professional and social services and gains from new knowledge. Although there is a predictable, and indeed useful, special