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Invited Critique
December 2000

Protective Covering of Surgical Wounds With Honey Impedes Tumor Implantation—Invited Critique

Arch Surg. 2000;135(12):1417. doi:10.1001/archsurg.135.12.1417

The benefits of honey as a topical agent for wound healing were discovered thousands of years ago. This report of honey being used internally to reduce tumor implantation is another example in the literature of a renewed interest in the medicinal use of honey.

Honey is a complex hyperosmolar mixture of various sugars, and also possesses antimicrobial properties owing to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Depending on the floral derivation of the pollen used in making the honey, its antimicrobial properties can be strengthened significantly.1 Other studies have suggested its efficacy in reducing the bacterial burden in an open wound.

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