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Correspondence and Brief Communications
November 1, 2005

Are Young Surgeons Incompetent?

Arch Surg. 2005;140(11):1130. doi:10.1001/archsurg.140.11.1130-a

I am a general surgeon in a small, group private practice. I wish to relay some thoughts and concerns regarding the Archives article entitled “Are Young Surgeons Competent to Perform Alimentary Tract Surgery?” by Jay B. Prystowsky, MD.1

I graduated from a university program in 2001, passed my boards without difficulty, and was inducted as fellow of the American College of Surgeons last fall. I therefore resent any implication that I am incompetent. I understand that the article points blame toward the residency training system rather than individuals. A more appropriate title would have been “Are Residency Programs Competent to Teach Alimentary Tract Surgery?” I echo Dr Gewertz’s comment that “performance difference” would have been more appropriate.