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December 1927


Arch Surg. 1927;15(6):962-974. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1927.01130240135011

EXTERNAL GENITALIA  Meyer52 reviewed the work of replacing undescended testicles and reported a series of cases in which operation was performed by Torek's method. Many hypotheses have been advanced concerning the etiology of undescended and ectopic testicle, the most important of which concern the function of the chorda gubernaculi, the length of the spermatic vessels, the size of the inguinal canal, the size of the scrotum and the prenatal posture.Histologic examination showed that spermatogenic cells are present and function in about 10 per cent of all cases. The interstitial cells, which have to do with the development of the secondary sexual characteristics, are always abundantly present. Such conditions are almost constant, and therefore the undescended testicles should always be saved.Secondary complications occur. Malignant degeneration is not as common as is generally believed, and fear of it is not an indication for orchidectomy. Chronic inflammation, the presence of