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July 1932


Arch Surg. 1932;25(1):183-237. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1932.01160190186009

CONTENTS  IntroductionReview of the LiteratureFrequencySex and AgeAnatomyDevelopmentOdontogenous ConsiderationsSuperficial Caries of the TeethInvolvement of the Pulp Cavity and Root CanalPyorrhea AlveolarisFracture CasesDento-Alveolar AbscessClinical Grouping of Cases of Osteomyelitis of the JawCases with and without Odontogenous FactorsPrimary CasesExtension CasesHematogenous CasesSuppuration with Osteomyelitis of the JawsBone Necrosis in Osteomyelitis of the JawsNew Bone Formation in Osteomyelitis of the JawsComplications of Osteomyelitis of the JawsLymphatic Drainage as a Complication of Osteomyelitis of the JawsThe Association of General Infection (Bacteremia, Sepsis, Septicemia) with Acute Osteomyelitis of the JawsLocal ComplicationsTreatmentCases with Clinical Signs of a General InfectionCases with Few or no Signs of a General Infection, but with Various Grades of the Local LesionCases with Complications

INTRODUCTION  The subject of osteomyelitis of the upper and lower jaws is very

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