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September 1935


Arch Surg. 1935;31(3):477-506. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1935.01180150134010


Occlusion.  —Bugbee33 reported that he had performed nephrectomy, following irradiation of the uterine cervix for carcinoma, in 6 cases at the Woman's Hospital since 1930. In the past year, 2 other cases were seen; in one there was occlusion of both ureters, and in the other unilateral occlusion; in both instances, the occlusion was secondary to irradiation of the uterus. All except 1 of the patients in Bugbee's series of cases complained of bleeding from the vagina; all but 1 revealed a squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix at biopsy. All except the last were treated at the Woman's Hospital, with radium, one or more tubes being inserted into the cervical canal for a minimal dosage of 1,787.5 mg. hrs. and a maximal dosage of 4,857.68 mg. hrs. In 3 cases, needles were also inserted into the cervix, and 5 patients received treatment with roentgen rays of high