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December 1935


Arch Surg. 1935;31(6):1013-1042. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1935.01180180165007


Anomalies.  —Marcucci1 reviewed the malformations of the urinary apparatus that may give rise to renal disorders. After making a detailed study he concluded that all such malformations may at times produce disease within the kidney. Every malformation has its own particular relation to the determination of pathologic change in the body; this is revealed in cases of renal changes which generally are the results of urinary obstruction. Some of them produce stagnation by mechanically obstructing the normal progress of the renal secretion; others apparently disturb the harmony of muscular action on which urinary excretion depends, since the calices, pelvis and ureter constitute a single dynamic, harmonic complex. Others express a constitutional deficiency, either myogenic or neurogenic, in the pyelo-ureteral excretory system; that is, in the various parts to which the transportation and regulation of the urine is delegated.As is always the case with any organic fluid which