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Staphylococcic Infections.  —Harkness and King32 said that when staphylococci are found in the genital tract, cultures almost always show them to be of the albus type. Although Staph. aureus is rarely found, when it is the infecting organism the suppuration is more extensive and profuse and there is greater constitutional disturbance than occurs with Staphylococcus albus.Pathogenic organisms are distinguished from contaminating organisms by the fact that they are present in large numbers, are the sole or predominant organism and give a profuse cultural growth.Staph. albus is the commonest cause of primary nongonococcic urethritis. Such infection is often venereal. The incubation period is usually longer than in cases of gonorrhea except when the infection is superimposed on urethritis chemically induced by the use of strong solutions for prophylaxis.There is a chronic type of staphylococcic urethritis in which the onset is insidious and the symptoms are mild;