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September 1940


Author Affiliations

Fellow in Surgery, the Mayo Foundation ROCHESTER, MINN.
From the Division of Surgery, the Mayo Clinic.

Arch Surg. 1940;41(3):637-645. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1940.01210030071006

Wells1 is generally credited with being the first to report a case of leiomyoma of the round ligament. In 1865 he reported 2 cases of inguinal tumors which were described as "fibrous tumors of the round ligament;" one growth was the size of a small orange and the other the size of a coconut.

Sänger,2 in 1883, found reports of 11 cases of tumor of the round ligament in the literature and added 1 of his own. In his case the tumor was a fibromyosarcoma. Emanuel,3 in 1903, added 68 cases. Taussig,4 in 1914, brought the total number of cases to 141.

Watkins,5 in 1933, collected 173 cases of tumor of the round ligament from the literature; in 87 of these the tumor was a fibromyoma and was reported as a fibroma or a myoma. In 8 cases a diagnosis of sarcoma was made, and

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