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Tumor.  —Gillies1 studied 50 cases of verified malignant tumor of the kidney in adults.Tumors primary in the renal pelvis were found in 10 per cent of the cases. In this group intermittent hematuria was the first symptom in each case. Accompanying stones were present in only 1 case.With small and moderate-sized tumors, pyelograms show irregular filling defects without distortion of the renal outline.Large tumors invading the kidney cannot be distinguished from primary tumors of the kidney invading the renal pelvis.Malignant tumors primary in the kidney were present in 90 per cent of the cases of this series. These occurred in men nearly three times as frequently as in women.In plain roentgenograms, changes in size, shape and density of the kidney, as well as calcium deposits, which occurred in 38 per cent of the cases in which roentgenograms of the kidney were made, should