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May 1943


Arch Surg. 1943;46(5):639-651. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1943.01220110055012

Although pseudarthrosis has been described in association with neurofibromatosis, the mechanism by which it arises has not been explained.1 It is our purpose to report a case of congenital bow leg and pseudarthrosis of the tibia and the fibula associated with neurofibromatosis in which studies have assisted in clarifying the genesis of pseudarthrosis and localized lesions of bone in this condition. The history, the surgical treatment and the pathologic observations are reported in detail.

REPORT OF A CASE  I. D., a girl aged 6 years 11 months, was admitted to the Children's Hospital on May 14, 1940, complaining of a tender swelling in the right arm and a deformity of the right leg. A lump in the right arm was noted eight months prior to admission. It had increased slightly in size since the original observation, and although it did not interfere with the use of the arm, it