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Tumor.  —Foulds1 reports a case of renal tumor containing elements of malignant papillary cystadenoma and papillary carcinoma with clear cells. This case with other recorded cases illustrates the transition from renal adenoma to malignant cystadenoma and eventually, in some instances, to papillary carcinoma with clear cells.The patient, a man 59 years of age, complained of pain and hematuria. The kidney was removed, and the patient recovered without difficulty. The kidney measured 13 by 7 by 4.5 cm. and weighed 225 Gm. The outer surface was slightly roughened and reddened. The capsule was thin and stripped with difficulty; the stripping left a finely granular surface. In the upper pole of the kidney, projecting into a calix, there was a soft red mass, measuring 4.5 cm. in length and 2.5 cm. in its greatest width. Microscopically the tumor was composed of papillary processes covered with small cuboidal cells, with