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September 1943


Arch Surg. 1943;47(3):247-249. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1943.01220150028002

Acrocephaly and scaphocephaly are related deformities of the skull in infants and children. They are due to unexplained premature closure of the cranial sutures and result in crowding the brain within a space that is too small for its present size and its subsequent growth. As a result the eyeballs may (or may not) protrude and the child is listless and mentally backward and has headaches. Papilledema is frequently present, and there is convolutional atrophy of the skull and compression of the ventricular system. All the signs and symptoms are the result of general intracranial pressure.

Operative relief of these conditions has only recently been reported by King (1941),1 although a preliminary report was made in 1937, when the operation was first performed. Two cases were reported, and in 1 at least a brilliant result was evident four and a half years later. The patient's condition had seemed hopeless

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