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June 1946

PILONIDAL SINUS: A Review of 130 Consecutive Cases in Which Patients Were Treated by Closure; A New Closed Operative Method and Management

Author Affiliations

U.S.N.R.; U.S.N.R.

Arch Surg. 1946;52(6):690-700. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1946.01230050699005

THIS article is a summary of the methods of treatment and the results obtained in the treatment of pilonidal sinus in a ward devoted mainly to proctologic cases at the United States Naval Hospital Chelsea, Mass.

In a relatively short period a large number of patientswere seen and operated on. In a relatively short period these patients were dismissed free of symptoms and, providing recurrence is not experienced at a later date, which is unlikely in the vast majority, cured. We believe that we are now justified in stating that a new closed operative method can be described, applicable in virtually all cases of pilonidal sinus. We realize that this is a rather sweeping claim to make, but only the extremely rare case will not permit this, such as that in which bone involvement or spinal canal or dural involvement coexist. For in this series not only was the usual