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September 1946

PATHOLOGIC INTERVERTEBRAL DISK AND ITS CONSEQUENCES: A Contribution to the Cause and Treatment of Chronic Pain Low in the Back and to the Subject of Herniating Intervertebral Disk

Arch Surg. 1946;53(3):247-297. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1946.01230060252001

CONTENTS  I. IntroductionII. Cause of Chronic Pain Low in the BackIII. Syndrome of Chronic Pain Low in the Back Due to Degenerating Intervertebral DiskIV. Syndrome of Herniating, or Ruptured, Intervertebral DiskV. Rarer Symptoms and Rarer Cases of Herniating Intervertebral DiskVI. The RoentgenogramVII. PathologyVIII. EtiologyIX. TerminologyX. The OperationXI. Postoperative CareXII. Results: Industrial ImplicationsXIII. Summary and Conclusions

I. INTRODUCTION  Some time ago I studied with Dr. Arthur Steindler, of Iowa City, the problem of chronic pain low in the back in relation to the syndrome of herniating intervertebral disk. We made an attempt to differentiate what we called true herniating, or ruptured, disk from pain low in the back with "reflex" pain. Two observations were outstanding. First, a patient without herniation of the intervertebral disk seldom complained of pain below the knee, although he frequently complained of pain down

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