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January 1949

PROGRESS IN ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY FOR 1946 A Review Prepared by an Editorial Board of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: VI. CONDITIONS INVOLVING THE HIP JOINT

Arch Surg. 1949;58(1):89-96. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1949.01240030092010

NIEBAUER and King,271 stimulated by the reports of Burns and Watson-Jones, performed arthrodesis of the hip by internal fixation with the Smith-Petersen nail and the additional insertion of a 3½ inch (9 cm.) venable screw from the inner surface of the ileum, in the region of the anterior inferior iliac spine, into the femoral head to increase the rigidity and strength of the fixation. The exposure is similar to that used by Smith-Peterson for hip arthroplasty. The fixation is performed with the hip at a 35 to 50 degree flexion. Impaction insures earlier union. In 15 of 24 cases a painless stable hip was obtained, and in 7 motion and pain were present. There was infection of the wound in 1 instance, and 1 patient died after pulmonary embolism. Three of the failures were due to fractures of the "vitallium" nail, and in another case the nail penetrated the