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November 1953

STENOSING TENDOVAGINITIS OF THE FOOT AND ANKLE: Studies with Special Reference to the Stenosing Tendovaginitis of the Peroneal Tendons at the Peroneal Tubercle

AMA Arch Surg. 1953;67(5):686-698. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1953.01260040697006

STENOSING tendovaginitis of the foot and ankle is apparently considered uncommon. Actually it is not. The various forms of stenosing tendovaginitis which occur in the foot and ankle will be described.

A. TENDOVAGINITIS OF THE DORSAL TENDONS OF THE FOOT  The tibialis anticus, the extensor longus hallucis, and the extensor longus digitorum tendons lie under the cover of the ligamentum transversum cruris superiorly and the ligamentum cruciatum inferiorly. The fit of the tendon within the sheath is loose. The pedalling movement of the foot is more likely to give a peritendinitis crepitans of the tibialis anticus, movements of the foot provoking a dry creaking along the length of the tendon.

Stenosing Tendovaginitis of the Tibialis Anticus  Jagerink (1928) operated on a young woman with stenosing tendovaginitis of the tibialis anticus in whom the tendon sheath was thickened just above the ligamentum cruciatum. She was thereby

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