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January 1959

Palliative Chemotherapy of Solid Tumors with Nitromin

Author Affiliations

Department of Surgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine.

AMA Arch Surg. 1959;78(1):51-55. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1959.04320010055009

Nitromin (methyl-bis[β-chloroethyl]amine-N-oxide hydrochloride) is an alkylating agent which was developed during the search for compounds which would have the therapeutic effect of nitrogen mustard with lessened toxicity. It was first synthesized by Stahmann and Bergmann1 in 1946, the by oxidation of nitrogen mustard and wfirst as applied to animal and clinical investigations by Yoshida and Ishidate and coworkers.2 These workers found that 4of 0% rats with 4-day-old Yoshida ascites sarcoma implantations could be completefreed ly of tumor by intraperitoneal injections totaling 10 to 20 mg. per kilogram of body weight of Nitromin given every other dfor ay four to five weeks. If the treatment was started immediately after the tumor implantation, a higher percentage was cureif it d; Was started seven days after inoculation, only a small percentage survived. These findings have been confirmed Druckrey,by3 in Germany, who found the drug most effective, and with