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September 1961

On the Proximal Side of Our New Frontier

Arch Surg. 1961;83(3):329-334. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1961.01300150003001

Contemporary political events in a segment of the Northern hemisphere have brought the term "the New Frontier" into popular usage. This term is too good to allow it to be monopolized by statesmen or exploited by politicians, for we need constantly the stimulation and exhilaration which may be derived from a look at the frontier—our surgical frontier—as it may be viewed across the foreground of the recent past and of contemporary events. We have witnessed, and stand in some amazement at, the multiplicity of advances in surgical concepts and modalities which have occurred in the short reach of two decades, the life span of this association to date. We have seen the last of the untouchable regions placed within the scope of daily surgical endeavors. We have witnessed marvelous input from the companion fields of medicine and applications from disciplines basic to surgery. These contributions have explained much of what