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August 1962

Preoperative Numerical Prediction of Thyroid Nodules

Arch Surg. 1962;85(2):176-179. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1962.01310020006002

The discovery of a thyroid nodule in a euthyroid patient poses the problem of appropriate therapy. This is especially true if there are no evidences of pressure, disfiguration, metastases, or acute inflammatory changes. Since at least 4% of adults in even nonendemic goiter areas have thyroid nodules,1,2 the decision is one which must be made frequently. To the nonsurgeon, this is a vexing problem, and guideposts to help him are frequently proposed.

In the past, several reports have indicated that a uninodular goiter is more likely to be malignant than a multinodular goiter. On this basis, it has been proposed that a more active therapeutic policy should be adopted toward uninodular goiter. Others, on the other hand, have pointed to the fallibility of the clinical determination of the number of nodules in the thyroid gland, implying or stating that the clinical determination of the number of nodules is a