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March 1963

Soft Tissue Chondrosarcoma-Like Tumor: Tumor Arising in an Area of Radiation Injury

Author Affiliations

Resident in the Department of Surgery (Dr. Brenner); Director, Department of Pathology (Dr. Garret).

Arch Surg. 1963;86(3):471-476. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1963.01310090121022

This is a case report of a patient with chondrosarcoma-like tumor of the soft tissues developing in an area of radiation dermatitis five years after external cobalt60 radiotherapy for bronchogenic carcinoma. A similar case diagnosed as osteogenic sarcoma was reported in 1951.3 Recently, lesions histologically resembling those in the case to be presented were reported as sarcoma-like tumors.23

Extraskeletal chondrosarcomas are very rare. The first case reports appeared in the literature in 194333 and 1953.27 Other cases have been reported recently.28,30 Upon the discovery of x-rays in 1895, soft tissue sarcomas following local irradiation were noted as early as 1904.20 In 1909 Coenen stated (cited by Jones14) that 12% of tumors after x-ray treatment were sarcomas. Most authors since then have indicated that squamous cell carcinoma is the main tumor developing after local external radiation.4,5,7,15,31,32 Conversely, sarcomas have been found usually