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May 1964

Collagen as Temporary Dressing and Blood Vessel Replacement

Author Affiliations

Medical student, summer fellowship (Mr. Pawlowski), graduate student (Mr. Becker).; From Marquette University School of Medicine.

Arch Surg. 1964;88(5):725-727. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1964.01310230001001

Carelessness in the handling of fire is the greatest cause for the large number of deaths as well as extensive property loss. Unfortunately the next cause for a large number of severe burn cases is a direct result of modern warfare. This was demonstrated in World War II and in Korea. The overwhelming mortality of these massive third degree burns and the paucity of definitive treatment induced us to investigate body fluids as a temporary dressing. The most obvious and the most readily available material was collagen. Collagen deposits can be created by placing an irritant foreign substance in the subcutaneous tissue. This was apparent in the use of plastics or skin in hernia repairs.1-4,8 It has been known for some time that collagen deposits on casts of foreign materials. We decided to investigate the possibilities of its use in the treatment of third degree burns and as a

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