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May 1964

Instant Polymerization Of Plastic Monomer for Tissue RepairA Preliminary Report

Arch Surg. 1964;88(5):747-749. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1964.01310230023006

Methyl 2-cyanoacrylate * polymerizes fairly rapidly in the presence of heat, pressure, slightly moist alkaline substances, ionizing radiation, etc. On polymerization it becomes densely adherent to glass, steel, wood, protein, and many other materials. Because of these qualities it has been used as an adhesive in a wide variety of adherend combinations.10 In recent years it has been used experimentally in surgery for the cementing of the skin,2,3,11 intestines,21 kidney,19 conjunctiva,4 arteries,5-9, 12,14,20 veins,13,14 bronchi,15 and bone.18. It has been used as an adhesive in cementing patches of muscle, vessel walls, and Teflon over defects in blood vessels, dura,1,5,8,9 and so on. It causes rapid coagulation of the blood as well as adherence of the blood vessel walls to each other and, by virtue of this fact, it has also been used in experimental hemostasis.16,17

In most of the trials