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August 1964

Protection Against Nephrotoxicity of Iothalamic Acid

Author Affiliations

From the Research Laboratory, Veterans Administration Hospital, and the Department of Surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Arch Surg. 1964;89(2):294-298. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1964.01320020058009

Previous studies in this laboratory have quantitated and compared the nephrotoxicity of the various aortographic contrast media.4,8,14 An 80% solution of iothalamic acid (Angio-Conray) has proven to be one of the least nephrotoxic of the currently available aortographic contrast media.1,12,14 However, use of a standardized canine aortic injection technique which permits perfusion of the renal arterial bed by a large volume of undiluted sodium iothalamate produces renal injury sufficient to cause azotemia in the majority of instances.12 Premedication with certain agents (intra-aortic glucose, intra-aortic low molecular weight dextran, and intravenous glucose) has proven effective in decreasing the intensity of the toxic responses to a more toxic aortographic contrast medium, such as sodium acetrizoate (Urokon).2,5-7,9-11,13 The present report describes the results of attempts to minimize or prevent the toxic responses of the kidney to iothalamic acid by the prior administration of these "protective" agents.

Method  Mongrel dogs,

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