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November 1965

In Defense of the Art of Medicine

Arch Surg. 1965;91(5):707-711. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1965.01320170001001

I AM KEENLY aware of the honor the presidency of this Society signifies and am deeply grateful that this honor has been awarded to me. With an all-seeing and tireless Secretary to attend to the affairs of the Society, such as I had the good fortune of being associated with, this honor, besides being one of distinction, can be a pleasant one, singularly free from bureaucratic burdens. More that that, the office of the presidency grants its holder an unusual privilege—the opportunity of addressing the Society under conditions that must be very nearly ideal: none of the grind of collecting facts and figures, no graphs and charts to compile, no abstract to prepare, no worry about the ten-minute limit, but instead complete freedom in the choice of topic and a knowledgeable but securely captive audience generously disposed, one hopes, to listen to any reasonably coherent exposition. I make use

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