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August 1970

Donor Selection for Renal Transplantation Based on Genotypic Analysis of HL-A in a Family

Arch Surg. 1970;101(2):219-225. doi:10.1001/archsurg.1970.01340260123020

Through studies of the distribution of HL-A antigens in a family and related donor selection on the basis of genotyping, excellent results have been achieved in cases of donor-recipient HL-A identity. Similar good results may be achieved in cases of donor-recipient monoallelic compatibility where the donor's nonshared allele is not associated with a major detectable HL-A antigen. In instances of monoallelic incompatibility where donor's nonshared allele is associated with a single detected HL-A antigen, the individual "strengths" of these antigens can be estimated on the basis of the clinical course of the recipient and studies of renal function and histology.