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This Month in
October 2001

This Month in Archives of Surgery

Arch Surg. 2001;136(10):1105. doi:10.1001/archsurg.136.10.1105

The Cover

This month the ARCHIVES honors 24 distinguished international surgeons whose pictures appear on the cover (see Figure). Most of these individuals are familiar to all of us through their writings and discussions at major meetings, in their role as participants in the review of articles, and as members of the editorial boards of all of the important US surgical journals. We salute them!

Archives of Surgery cover, October 2001.

Archives of Surgery cover, October 2001.

Robotically-Assisted Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Pilot Study

With the introduction of robotics into medicine in 1991, many groups have applied this technologic advance to commonly performed procedures. This report from Singapore reviews their experience in a pig model. They were able to decrease set-up time substantially and, with a little practice, were able to tie, suture, dissect, clip, and cauterize as accurately and as fast as without robotics. Thus, they conclude that their initial experimentation confirmed the feasibility of robotically-assisted laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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Detection of Pinpoint Tenderness on the Appendix Under Ultrasonography Is Useful to Confirm Acute Appendicitis

While the importance of physical examination in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis cannot be overemphasized, this article brings to light the utility of technical advancements that improve our diagnostic accuracy by serving as adjuncts for the examining physician. All of 50 patients with pinpoint tenderness noted at the site of the appendix by ultrasonography proved at operation to have acute appendicitis. Overall, the accuracy of the diagnosis of appendicitis was almost 20% greater with this technique.

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Antioxidants in Critical Illness

This special review article is presented for information and thoughts. Toxic reactive oxygen intermediates, the result of normal physiologic processes, play a role in the manifestations of critical illness owing to ischemic/reperfusion injury and systemic inflammation, leading in some instances to organ failure. Supplemental antioxidant therapy is available but needs to be defined by its timing in the interventional process as well as in combination with drugs currently available or soon to become available. All in all, a fascinating area for further investigation and eventual application.

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Review of Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence

Several new and important books have been written recently and are reviewed in this issue of the journal. We call the attention of our general surgeons to Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence, written by young surgeons in a reader-friendly, fully illustrated fashion with evidence-based tables containing the information with which to make meaningful decisions.

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