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August 2003

Surgical outcomes of a breast cancer–screening program for low-income women

Author Affiliations

From the Section of Surgical Oncology, Department of Surgery, Oregon Health [[amp]] Science University (Drs Jimenez-Lee and Vetto), and the Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Oregon Department of Human Services (Ms Oslak and Dr Hedberg), Portland.

Arch Surg. 2003;138(8):884-890. doi:10.1001/archsurg.138.8.884

Hypothesis  Surgical outcomes from a breast cancer–screening program of low-income women are similar to those of other screening programs.

Design  Prospective cohort.

Setting  Federally funded screening program.

Patients  A total of 15 730 women.

Interventions  A total of 23 149 mammograms, 20 396 with concomitant clinical breast examination, from january 1, 1997, through december 31, 2001.

Outcome measures  American college of radiology scores; associated surgery consultations, biopsies, operations, and pathology results.

Results  Most (20 868) of the 21 296 mammograms assigned an american college of radiology score were benign; only 428 (2%) were suspicious. resulting from suspicious clinical breast examinations, the group with american college of radiology scores of 1 to 3 accounted for 45%, 18%, and 10% of recommended surgical consultations, biopsies, and cancers detected, respectively. a rate of 12.3 cancers per 1000 women was found, greater than with other screening programs. compliance with therapy was 97%.

Conclusions  This screening program had a higher rate of advanced cancers. clinical breast examination was an important component, and compliance with surgical recommendations was excellent.