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About the all new jamanetwork.com

We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier for you to stay current with the research, opinion, and educational content published in the JAMA Network journals. Welcome to the new, smarter jamanetwork.com.

An innovative interface lets you explore the entire Network

Skim an article’s Key Points for a quick overview, or delve deeper with easy-to-find related content, multimedia, author interviews, CME activities, podcasts, and more.

In a flexible format that works for you

Move quickly between an article's text and its figures, tables, and references using the "split screen" view; it’s better than having two monitors side-by-side.

Wherever you are

Pressed for time in the clinic? Key Points provide a concise overview of original research articles. Or listen to an Author Interview or Clinical Review podcast during your commute.

On any device

jamanetwork.com loads quickly on mobile devices and is intelligently formatted for all of your screens.

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