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JN Reader

Free access to the entire JAMA Network

The JN Reader gives you free, instant access to the research, reviews, and Viewpoints in all 12 JAMA Network journals. It works on virtually any device—phone, tablet, or desktop—so it’s easy to stay up to date when you’re on the go.

12 Journals. 1 Network. Any Device.

New! The JN Reader app is now available for iOS devices at the App Store.

Also available online. Click here to open in a new window.


Online and offline reading

Read articles online and choose issues to read offline, saving storage space on your device.

Automatic updates, no manual downloads

Online First articles and new Issues appear automatically, so there's no waiting for issues to download.

Original research, reviews, and opinions, at your fingertips

Access the very latest articles and and features from JAMA and 11 specialty journals, including articles published online first.

FREE access to the entire JAMA Network

A premium reading experience, including embedded video, across 12 journals, with no subscription required.

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Get started with the Reader
Begin reading right away in your browser

The Reader can be used both online and offline using a browser on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Visit JNReader.com to sign in or create an account, then bookmark the app directly to your browser. The site will remember you. If you download issues to read offline, just open your browser when you are offline and return to the Reader to continue reading.

iPhone or iPad users can simply download the new JN Reader app for iOS devices in the App Store.

Also available online. Click here to open in a new window.

Install the Reader on your device for the full experience

Windows laptops and desktops permit you to add the app directly to your task bar, your desktop, or even your start menu for convenient access to the Reader.

After installation, the Reader will open full-screen on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop; no browser, no interruptions, and a clean, easy environment whether you are online or offline.

Steps to install the Reader

Apple Mobile Devices
Install the JN Reader app for your iPhone or iPad to read articles on- and offline.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Download The JN Reader App.
  3. Sign in or create an account.
  4. Complete your profile and enter the Reader.

Windows Laptop or Desktop
Install the Reader on your Windows device using Google Chrome. The Reader can be installed directly to your windows task bar, desktop, and start menu.

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser on a Windows device.
  2. Visit The Reader in the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Click the "+Free" button to start installation.
  4. Tap "Add" to confirm installation.
  5. Open a new window and tap the "Apps" icon in the upper right of your browser.
  6. Find the JN logo and right click.
  7. Choose "Create Shortcuts."
  8. Choose "Create" to complete installation to your task bar, desktop, and start menu.
  9. Right click again on the JN logo and choose "Open Full Screen" for a maximized Reader experience.

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Access Options

Everyone gets Free access to 4 weeks of content across the JAMA Network

Sign in or create an account to unlock access to 4 weeks of content across all 12 JAMA Network journals on The JN Reader.

Sign In or Create an Account

The groups below are eligible for a full year of Free access across the JAMA Network
AMA Members

AMA Members may access a full year of content, updated continuously across all 12 JAMA Network journals.
Become an AMA member


Subscribers to any one JAMA Network journal unlock a full year of Reader access to all 12 journals.

US Physicians

Physicians in the US automatically receive a full year of content. Sign in or create an account as a US Physician to unlock access to the entire JAMA Network.

If you are not getting full access, check your profile now to ensure you are registered as a US Physician.

Users in an Institution

Users from anywhere in the world who access the JAMA Network through an institution have a full year of content, updated continuously. Learn more below.

How to access through your institution:

Institutions that subscribe online to one or more JAMA Network journals may now provide their patrons a full year of Reader access to all the remaining journals, in one of two ways: (1) IP authentication over their network or (2) cross-linking from the institution's website. If you are unsure which method your institution uses, please contact your librarian.

Unlock institutional access via WiFi or direct internet connection

If your institution supports IP authentication:
Each time you visit JNReader.com or The JN Reader app from within your institution's Wi-Fi or direct internet service, your mobile access is activated for the following 90 days on all of your devices.

  1. Visit your institution.
  2. Connect to the internet by Wi-Fi or direct internet service.
  3. Open a browser and go to JNReader.com.
  4. Sign in or create an account.

Unlock institutional access via your institution's web site

If your institution cross-links to the Reader from within its website or portal:
Each time you visit the Reader by following a link from a page on your institution's website, your mobile access is activated for the next 90 days on all of your devices.

  1. Visit and sign in to your institution's website or portal.
  2. Locate the page on the site that links to the JN Reader or to articles within the Reader.
  3. Follow the link(s) to the Reader and sign in or create an account.

You can now visit the Reader anytime, anywhere on any device as a benefit of your institution's subscription. You will receive e-mail messages before your 90-day access period ends, reminding you to renew your access by repeating the steps outlined above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find information about using The JN Reader here. We'll be updating this page as we continue to add more features and functionality, so be sure to check back when you have new questions.

I tried to update my profile as requested and used the “forgot password” link, but my account cannot be located. What should I do?
Please return to www.jnreader.com and click on or tap the “Sign In or Create an Account” button. Follow the instructions on the screen to create an account.

When you originally registered on the JN Reader during the free trial period, the only requirement was an email address. Beginning on May 13, 2014, all users will need to use the same user name and password they use for any JAMA Network or American Medical Association websites. If you have never registered on a JAMA Network or AMA site, you will need to create an account now to read content at no cost on the JN Reader.

When I first go to the Reader, the page starts loading but seems to get stuck. What can I do?
Try refreshing the page. If that does not work, you may need to delete your temporary internet files and cookies from your browser, close and reopen your browser, then return to http://jnreader.com to complete login.

From time to time the Reader code is updated. 95% of the time this occurs in the background and causes no issues for end users. But sometimes the browser will cache / store the older version of the Reader and login can be interrupted. When this occurs, clear your browser's cache and cookies and restart the app.

Do I need a subscription to get access to the Reader?
No, the Reader is free! All Online First articles and 4 weeks of content from 12 journals are free to all users. Registration is required.

Subscribers, Members, US Physicians, and those who access the JAMA Network via an institutional subscription receive one full year of content from across all 12 journals, updated continuously.
Learn more.

How do I get access to a full year of content on the Reader?
There are many ways to obtain full access to a year’s worth of content across all 12 journals on the Reader:

  • Login via an institutional access point.
  • Become an AMA Member.
  • Subscribe to any one of the JAMA Network journals.
  • Login/register as a US Physician.
Learn more.

My institution has an online subscription to JAMANetwork.com. How do I obtain full institutional access?
There are two options that your institution might use to provide access to the Reader. Once you activate your institutional access, you will have 90 days of full access across any of your devices and from any location you like. Within 90 days, you will need to authenticate again via one of the methods below.

  • IP authentication over your institution's network
  • Cross-linking from the institution's web site
Learn more and read step-by-step instructions.

Do I need to create an account with the AMA to access the Reader?
Yes, registration is required to unlock free access to content from across the 12 JAMA Network journals.

To accommodate all types of users (including those who access the journals through their institutions), we have partnered with our parent organization, the AMA, on a new secure registration system. It takes only a few minutes to create an account. Please be assured that by creating an AMA account you are not becoming an AMA member.

After creating an account, you may use these credentials to access other AMA products and services if you choose. AMA members can use their AMA account information to access all member benefits.

What journals are included in the Reader?
JAMA Network includes JAMA and 11 specialty journals: JAMA Cardiology, JAMA Dermatology, JAMA Psychiatry, JAMA Internal Medicine, JAMA Neurology, JAMA Oncology, JAMA Ophthalmology, JAMA Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery, JAMA Pediatrics, JAMA Surgery, and JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

Can I search across all the journals in JAMA Network?
Yes, the search feature enables you to discover articles published back to January 2012. You can filter results to one or more journals of your choice.

If an article lies outside your access rights within the Reader, a link will be provided to the online article on jamanetwork.com.

To search the complete JAMA Network, please visit jamanetwork.com.

Is there an app for The JN Reader?
Yes, there is a JN Reader app for iOS devices. iPhone and iPad users may visit the App Store to download the app.
Users on all other devices (desktops, laptops, Android, etc.) can access JNReader.com from any web browser.

Does the Reader work on my smartphone as well as my tablet?
Yes, The JN Reader will work on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer running Safari, Android, or Google Chrome browsers. Additionally, The JN Reader app is available for iPhone and iPad.

What can I do offline?
You can read issues that you've downloaded to your device. Issues that you've saved are stored in your Offline Library, which can be accessed from the icon on the upper left of your screen. You can read a bookmarked article offline if it is included in an issue that you've downloaded to your Offline Library.

How do I save an issue for offline reading?
To store content offline,
(1) Open the Reader and navigate to any issue Table of Contents
(2) Click the button "Add to Offline Library” button which appears beneath the issue cover image on the Table of Contents.
(3) This will open up a dialogue box that tells you as each article in the issue downloads. Wait for the download to complete.

You may now leave Wi-Fi access or turn on your airplane mode. When you reopen the Reader, click OK when your device tells you that you are offline (just ignore the warning). The Reader will open and display to you only the content you have loaded offline.

An icon in your top menu bar called “Offline Library” shows you all your offline issues and lets you jump straight to them or delete them when you are finished reading them.

What happens to issues I've stored offline that fall outside the 4 week or 1 year access window?
Nothing! Once you download an issue for offline reader, you may continue to read the issue offline even if it falls outside your access window. Once you choose to delete an offline issue, you will not be able to download it again after your access expires.

What browsers can I use to access the Reader?
The Reader can be accessed by most web browsers. We recommend using the most recent version of your browser to ensure the best experience.

For best online & offline use, we recommend using the most recent version of Safari or Google Chrome browsers.

For online-only access, you may also use the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

Why doesn’t the Reader work offline when using Internet Explorer or Firefox?
In order to run offline, the Reader requires browsers to permit the download and storage of both application files and content to the cache of the browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers do not consistently support the extended storage of offline files so the Reader automatically disables/hides the ‘Offline Library’ features in order to permit online-only usage of the Reader on the most recent versions of Internet Explorer (10+) and Firefox browsers.

Interested in offline use? We recommend using the most recent version of Safari or Google Chrome browsers.

Can I sign in on more than one device at a time?
You can be signed in on different devices with the same account. Login from your laptop at work. Return on your phone during your ride home. Keep reading on your table over dinner. Your bookmarks will be synced device to device, session to session.

Institutional access rights will be remembered across all devices for 90 days after activation. Learn more about your access options.

How do I get PDFs of the articles?
Article PDFs are not available within The JN Reader, which delivers a free online & offline reading experience.

For printable article PDFs, users will find a link at the bottom of each article page directly to the same article on jamanetwork.com. Follow this link to obtain access to the article on the journal web site. Subscribers, members, and institutional users will be permitted to access the full article PDF, download references, request permissions, or use any other features they may be entitled to on jamanetwork.com.

How do I log out?
Tap the Settings icon in the upper right portion of the screen. Tap "Profile" from the menu bar. Tap “Log Out”. You will be logged out of the Reader and from all other AMA websites. Keep in mind that if you log out of the Reader, you will not be able to visit the Reader while in offline mode.

I get the print version of my JAMA Network journal. Does the Reader take the place of that?
No, you will continue to receive your print edition.

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